Was festival the biggest event in Conover's history?

Was festival the biggest event in Conover’s history?

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Was festival the biggest event in Conover’s history?

I can’t imagine my childhood self — or the young self of anyone who’s been in or around Conover for multiple decades —being told that Conover was going to have a festival with bands, fireworks, food trucks, ax throwing, and bouncy houses and that all of it was going to take place in the city’s largest park, one that offered, among other things, a splash pad, cornhole, multiple children’s play structures, and an amphitheatre.

I’d be dumbstruck, but being the person I was then — and grew up to be — I’d regain my composure and ask a lot of questions, like What’s a bouncy house? And who are they going to be throwing axes at? And is a food truck the same as an ice cream truck? I’d assume a splash pad had something to do with water, but I’d be completely at a loss for a guess concerning something called cornhole…..

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